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Wedding Tradition in Delhi Trends 

Wedding Tradition in Delhi

Wedding Tradition in Delhi India is a diverse country and each part of the country has its own and varied Wedding Traditions. The wedding in Delhi is magnificent and beats all the traditions in the world. It has its own way of symbolizing the love, the bond and the care for one another. There are a lot of rituals to be followed pre and post the wedding day. As the marriage is fixed an auspicious day is selected for the ritual of Engagement. The bride and the groom exchange the…

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The Wedding Session and Photography Trends 

The Wedding Session and Photography

The Wedding Session and Photography The wedding photography is what that is left out when everything else has been packed up. It’s the picture that carries the memories of the most awesome and a fabulous day of your life. Wedding photography is the best way to keep alive the memory and immortalize your day. One of the most important aspects of a wedding is capturing all the lovely moments saturated with the joy and warm feelings. These are the pictures that will be looked at by the coming generation and…

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Wajid Khan Celebrity 

Wajid Khan

Wajid Khan India is the land of creativity, where people are born artists. Every other person in India will have some excellent and unique creativity or talent. One of those is considered as the first person on the earth to create a 3D painting. He is now – other than a very famous Indian artist Wajid Khan He is a person who has almost all the skills that could be listed in the skillset of an artist. He is an inventor, a painter, a sculptor, a designer and a lot…

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10 Hidden fetures of Android Gadgets Latest Technology 

10 Hidden fetures of Android

10 Hidden features of Android Technology is moving ahead so quickly nowadays. Before few years a mobile phone was like wow for everyone. And today it seems very common to have a mobile device with everyone. Mobile devices are like omnipresent nowadays and the most popular trend is android mobiles. Android devices are the most popular ones, because of its fair price and multipurpose features within it. Everybody definitely will be knowing about its common features but does anyone know the below listed hidden features of Android: #1. Quick Google…

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How to cure sore throat & Natural remedies to cure sore throat… Health 

How to cure sore throat & Natural remedies to cure sore throat…

How to cure a sore throat & Natural remedies to cure a Sore Throat: Maintaining a good health is a challenging job nowadays, with the increasing junk food and the daily increasing pollutants in the natural resources. A very common problem for most of the people is getting infected and having a sore throat. A sore throat irritates a person and disturbs a lot in the regular work. Getting a sore throat has a lot of reasons like viral infections, unhealthy food and drinks, excess smoking, food sensitivity, etc. A sore throat…

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Natural Remedies to Improve Vision Health 

Natural Remedies to Improve Vision

Natural Remedies to Improve Vision Follow these natural Remedies to improve Vision: Every third person you meet is asking for the natural remedies to improve vision. Nowadays this diseases of low vision capabilities are increasing day by day, especially in youngsters. They spend a lot of time in front of the screens may it be a computer or television or mobile. Getting glasses to the youngsters as well as to the kids is nowadays very common. With continuous exposure to the pollutants and to the screen, we are losing the…

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How To Take Care Of Your Teeth Health 

How To Take Care Of Your Teeth

How To Take Care Of Your Teeth Read below the guide on How to take care of your teeth: Teeth are the second most important part of your body after your face that shows up directly to the person who looks at you. Having good healthy teeth shows the overall wellbeing of your body. If you have white teeth you do not need to get into the hustle of hiding your smile every time. Go through the below-given tips on how to take care of your teeth. Read these steps…

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How To Grow Long and Healthy Hairs Health Uncategorized 

How To Grow Long and Healthy Hairs

How To Grow Long and Healthy Hairs Long and strong hair is one of the best things that people desire If you have good healthy hairs, it is a sign of the overall good health of your body and well being of yours. When your hairs get dry, you are one of the most irritated people on the planet. So let’s get some quick tips to grow long and strong hairs. Follow the below given steps on how to grow long and healthy hairs: #1. Take Care of Your Diet…

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Skin Care Tips: How to  Get Smooth Skin Health 

Skin Care Tips: How to Get Smooth Skin

Skin Care Tips: How to  Get Smooth Skin With these skin care tips, you can get a smooth and clean skin at your home. After reading these skin care tips you do not need to go to any expert doctor and get all costliest treatments. Your skin texture, pigment, and tone these are the aspects that make your skin look good and here are the skin care tips for the same. The major benefits of these skin care tips are that everything shown here would be made of natural elements…

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